John Hopkins Medicine/All Children’s Hospital

I have known Joe Millen and Impact Health for 20 years. Joe has helped me navigate a congenital spine issue, guided me to stay healthy while pursuing 4 Ironman races and more than 20 Olympic and Sprint-distance triathlons. More importantly, he keeps me working on exercising correctly and constantly working to improve endurance, strength and healthy body workouts.

Joe’s unique approach to physical wellness includes paying attention to balance and understanding what is important to us individually- not just the latest trend in exercising. He has always been at the forefront of exercise physiology and fitness.

Perhaps the most important thing that Joe does for new clients is to evaluate them as individuals. All of the patients I’ve referred to Impact Health have commented on how unique his approach is to developing a treatment plan based on their specific complaint and not trying to fit them into a program. Everyone I’ve sent has returned with positive experiences and improvement in form and function.

I wholeheartedly recommend Joe Millen and Impact Health for training, consultation or improvement of physical ailments!