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I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your impact on my life. Your excellent skills in therapy and your keen insight into physical complaints are key to keeping me healthy and able to complete my goals. My success in the The Ironman is due to you.

Yours, Tom

Thomas M. Andrews, M.D

My son was referred to Joe Millen by a doctor because he was not recovering from shoulder surgery after a football injury. While rehabbing my son’s shoulder Joe outlined a comprehensive “whole body” conditioning program designed to make him a better player. My son’s shoulder is now stronger than ever and he was singled out for his performance at a recent major college camp.

After watching how he worked with my son, I started a conditioning program with Joe nine months ago. I noticed that IHP’s client base was full of doctors and their families! I realized he is the doctors’ doctor.

Gene N., 54

Father of an athlete

OUTSTANDING…I was referred to Impact Heath for physical therapy. I have had two spinal surgeries with many complications that I have had to over come. I originally went to another clinic but found myself stagnant in the repetitious workouts that many go through. I the short time I have been coming here, I have been challenged every day to do more and feel better about myself for doing it. Where I could not even raise my legs into a recumbent bike pedals now I have biked 6.7 miles. Since my surgeries left me with all the aces and pains in my back, paralysis in both arms and one leg, I have become stronger. Even though I have come so far, I still have a long way to go. Joe-owner, Tom and Phillip each bring something different to the table with their knowledge and training. The administrative staff is customer service orientated and outstanding in ensuring that authorization and billing are done in a timely manner. Everyone at Impact Health are kind, caring, and make you feel wanted and safe while taking care of your physical therapy needs. I am grateful and appreciative to the staff at Impact Health. I know that you cannot find a better clinical staff than at Impact Health. I wish I would have know about them earlier in my treatment, I would have not gone anywhere else. I recommend them highly to you.

Please, if you feel you are hurting, have aces and pains after a surgery or accident, come here and meet with Joe Millen. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Scott Collier, Palm Harbor FL

I was born with dislocated hips. I am 55 years old and I have had 3 hip replacements on my left hip and one on my right. I have been in PT since I was 5 years old. I have been going to Joe for over a year. One word to describe them is AMAZING! I have worked with Joe, Tom and Phillip. They are the only ones that do not just focus on the hips but on my legs, back, knees, ankles, feet etc… The philosophy that Joe has and his staff are to strengthen all areas of your body in order to make everything go together. No one has ever done this. When I always was in PT they just worked on my hips and put me on machines. When I walked out of PT I was in more pain then when I went in. At Impact I am currently working with Phillip and we work together one on one to help me. They ask me every time before I leave, are you in pain? If yes, then they work on me until I no longer have any pain. How many PT do this? Only Impact! My own doctor was amazed at the strength that I currently have. My suggestion to everyone out there is, don’t waste your time looking anywhere else. Contact Impact not only do they care about you but I feel like family now.

Patti Hannon, Palm Harbor FL

I have been going to Impact Health for over two years and can’t say enough about the quality of care I have received. Joe has taken care of my chronic pain issues whether it be my shoulder, neck or back and also taught me how to exercise and stay in condition for better health. His knowledge and expertise make me confident I am getting the very best of care. I highly recommend Joe Millen and Impact Health to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

Gail Casey

I’ve been through the ringer since I wrecked my motorcycle last December. Cracked skull, four fractures in right arm, fractured pelvis, and an amputated left leg above the knee are a few of my injuries. The Impact Health crew make me believe that I can not only get back to peak performance but help me achieve these goals. Since I started with them, I put down the cane that I walked with. My prosthetist is so amazed in my ‘leap forward’ that he had to adjust my prosthetic leg to be able to keep up with the speed I can now walk. I’ve been going here for about a month and recommend them to anyone that wants real results. I’ve been through the healthcare system to find that most others are just performing their jobs and punching a clock to get paid. The intensity level at Impact Health is apparent the second you walk in the door. I cant express my gratitude enough with the words thank you! You guys are quit simply the best.

Jeremy Butts, Palm Harbor FL

My story is not as dramatic as some, but I must give credit to Joe and Phil for their help in changing my life for the better. I’d been to many different types of doctors, all excellent in their own ways, but I was still plagued by back and neck issues from a auto accident in May of 2009. I had herniated and bulging discs down much of my spine. Although I was much improved, I was reluctant to get much needed exercise due to my fear that I would somehow worsen my condition. No doubt Joe and Phil’s approach was different than I’d experienced, but they also made me feel confident that they cared about my physical health, and that I could in fact exercise to lose weight and improve my health. I am now proud to report that I’ve lost 26+ pounds, and am much healthier than I was when I completed my appointments with Joe and Phil. Next phase is to hit the gym. Thanks to Joe & Phil, I can also do that with confidence.

Laurel Booth Suarez, Dunedin FL

By the time I found Impact Health Physical Therapy in July 2011, my right knee hurt so much I was told a knee replacement operation was necessary. In 1961 my right femur had been broken in an auto accident which resulted with my leg and foot turned inward and no doctor ever mentioned it could cause future problems. This, I had accepted as a done deal, my lot in life was to walk in this crippled manor.‚Äč

After fifty years of walking this way and pulling myself out of alignment not only did I end up with knee problems and pain but my lower back and all along my spine up into the neck also became an issue. It was like having a tug of war inside of me.

As physical therapy progressed with Philip and Joe, we discovered that was indeed the case. When my right femur had knit together through months in a body cast, it had repaired itself turning inward…not straight like a femur should align itself.

Also, another revelation through the past months of therapy disclosed the real source causing my pain was misalignment in the right hip joint. It had been practically frozen turned in an inward position. Aided with this manual physical therapy, I am gaining rotation in the hip joint which in turn is eradicating the knee pain allowing me to do things I haven’t been able to do in 50 years.

I shall be eternally grateful to have found Impact Health. Now there is every reason to look forward to the golden years!

Linda Fairweather