Pre and Post Natal Fitness for Women

Jeri Lynn Houck, PT

Our Physical Therapist will design a personalized fitness program for you, incorporating strength and resistance training, low impact cardiovascular training and balance exercises. If you are new to exercise, we will start out slowly and gradually increase your activity. There needs to be a balance between activity and rest. Relaxation, gentle stretches and breathing exercises are also a part of fitness.

Our Physical Therapist will guide you in movement patterns that decrease stress and promote stability to your joints and increase your awareness of your body and how you interact with it. You will learn breath awareness, posture exercises and relaxation techniques. We will also educate you about the internal core muscles – how to identify and activate them to ensure proper function.

Why exercise?

Regular exercise during pregnancy benefits you and your baby. It reduces back pain, decreases leg cramps, eases constipation, can decrease risk of gestational diabetes, may lower the need for cesarean delivery, provides an increased sense of control over your changing body and improved self-image; promotes healthy weight gain, improves overall fitness, you will have more energy and sleep more soundly; strengthens your heart and blood vessels and helps you lose weight after your baby is born.

Why a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist is trained in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Our evaluation and assessment skills enable us to create exercise programs designed to benefit each client based on our client’s individual needs, taking into account any prior injuries and overall health and fitness.

What makes us different?

We provide a unique approach to fitness in our hands on, one-to -one sessions as we guide you into understanding and developing your body to prepare you for labor and delivery and reconditioning your body after pregnancy. Our goal is to have an exercise environment that is fun, educational and leaves you feeling great and empowered to move freely through the challenges of life with your little one(s).

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