Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Following surgery, the healing of the repaired tissue is the central focus of rehabiliation. Our hands-on manual therapy controls the loading on the injured and repaired tissue, while protecting the tissue and maintaining proper biomechanics.

We progress you through the rehabilitation process based on how your body is healing. We do our best to minimize your pain and discomfort while facilitating your return to full activity. We work with the guidelines of your surgeon to ensure the optimal result post-surgically.

Read one of our client testimonials below.

OUTSTANDING…I was referred to Impact Heath for physical therapy. I have had two spinal surgeries with many complications that I have had to overcome. I originally went to another clinic but found myself stagnant in the repetitious workouts that many go through. In the short time I have been coming here, I have been challenged every day to do more and feel better about myself for doing it. Where I could not even raise my legs into a recumbent bike pedals, now I have biked 6.7 miles. Since my surgeries left me with all the aches and pains in my back, paralysis in both arms and one leg, I have become stronger. Even though I have come so far, I still have a long way to go.

Joe (owner), Tom and Philip each bring something different to the table with their knowledge and training. The administrative staff is customer-service orientated and outstanding in ensuring that authorization and billing are done in a timely manner. Everyone at Impact Health is kind, caring and make you feel wanted and safe while taking care of your physical therapy needs. I am grateful and appreciative to the staff at Impact Health. I know that you cannot find a better clinical staff than at Impact Health. I wish I would have know about them earlier in my treatment, as I would have not gone anywhere else. I recommend them highly.

Please, if you feel you are hurting, have aches and pains after a surgery or accident, come here and meet with Joe Millen. I promise you won’t regret it.

Scott Collier

Palm Harbor, FL