Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy (PT) programs achieve outstanding results because we treat the whole person.

Our programs are based on the perspective of a physical therapist. We realize that in a world of specialization, people have come to expect a specialist for every problem. We are not surgeons. We don’t need to narrow our scope of practice to be an expert in shoulder rehabilitation just because the surgeon needs to do so.

Rather, it is essential that we evaluate all the different parts of your body that influence your shoulder. That includes your feet, your hips, your neck, your thoracic spine, etc. We need to assess the muscles and fascia, your motor control and coordination, joint mobility and functional movements. We need to look at how you use your arm in work, sport and life.

Physical therapists at Impact Health look at the localized problem or pain that you present us, and then we look at correcting the cause of the problem, which is often distant from the site of your pain. And when we help you fix the problem, we want it to stay fixed.

I’ve been through the ringer since I wrecked my motorcycle last December. Cracked skull, four fractures in right arm, fractured pelvis, and an amputated left leg above the knee are a few of my injuries. The Impact Health crew make me believe that I can not only get back to peak performance but also will help me achieve these goals. Since I started with them, I put down the cane that I walked with. My prosthetist is so amazed in my ‘leap forward’ that he had to adjust my prosthetic leg to be able to keep up with the speed I can now walk. I’ve been going to Impact Health for about a month and recommend them to anyone that wants real results.

I’ve been through the healthcare system to find that most others are just performing their jobs and punching a clock to get paid. The intensity level at Impact Health is apparent the second you walk in the door. I can’t express my gratitude enough with the words “thank you”! You guys are quite simply the best.

Jeremy Butts

Palm Harbor FL