Philip Ivanov PT, DPT

My name is Philip Ivanov. I am a graduate of the University of South Florida, School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, where I earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I also completed my undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida, with a BS degree in Psychology and a minor in Applied Biomedical Physics.

Prior to my undergraduate career at USF, I served in the United States Navy for four years and completed a tour of the Middle East, where I achieved a variety of awards, including two good conduct medals, armed forces expeditionary medal, and a letter of commendation from my Commanding Officer. While in the military, I was part of Rescue swimmers for my ship and was the leading fire fighter for #1 hose crew on our ship board fire fighting team. The duties on board ship was a large influence in my decision to become involved in medicine.

Practicing physical therapy (PT) by taking care of the client first and then addressing the dysfunction, rather than just treating the dysfunction, was a very interesting philosophy I came across at Impact Health. In my experience, most therapists do not take the time to look at the individual. This is unfair treatment to the patient/client. For this reason, I became involved with Joe Millen, founder of Impact Health.

Some of my areas of interest include:

  • Manual resistive exercise training, which allows the patient/client to focus on proper isolation of simple and combined muscle groups while maintaining the integrity of the joints
  • Kinesiology, the study and understanding of the movements and the bio-mechanics of the joints of the body
  • Sports-specific training, which focuses on coordinated patterns of movement while engaging the stabilization of muscles throughout the body, producing greater precision, control and power

I am also seeking to achieve my certification in Orthopedic Maitland Therapy (COMT), an Australian approach to manual therapy. This is a clinical approach that uses specific hands-on techniques to treat soft tissues and joint structures by utilizing joint mobilizations and manipulations for modulation of pain, inflammation, range of motion, and other functional deficits.