Our Story

Impact Health is the vision of Joe Millen, PT, MTC. In his words:

“It began fairly simple, the integration of physical therapy (PT) and fitness, but with the emphasis on helping people reach optimal health. Since graduating with a physical therapy degree in 1985, I have worked to develop clinics focused on each individual who walked through our doors. As an expert in the area of physical therapy, I wanted to provide the care that I would want if I needed therapy or fitness training. As a physical therapist with an emphasis in orthopedic and manual therapy, as well as an athletic trainer, I wanted to integrate these areas of expertise into fitness training so that the care along the continuum of health was seamless and not based on injury or pain.

As a result, in 2005, we developed Impact Health. Since that time, we have worked with people in their homes, fitness centers, athletic fields and our clinic. Our clinicians work with each individual with the goal of not only alleviating any pain that may exist, but also developing strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance and biomechanical integrity in order to enhance the health and performance in all aspects of our clients’ lives.

Come see how we can impact your health!”

– Joseph Millen, PT, MTC

Our Mission

We treat our clients as a whole person, not as a compilation of body parts.

In healthcare, there are experts in different body parts and conditions. Whether it’s your brain, heart, back, arms, legs, there are specialists in all these areas – but when do you get put back together again? How do all these parts work together?

There are specialists for strength training, athletic development, optimal weight – but is there a place where I can see someone who has mastered how the shoulder, the spine and the legs work together? Is there a place where I can be seen whether I am healthy and want to get healthier, and also a place where I can undergo rehabilitation from injuries or address other health problems?

There is – and that place is Impact Health.

We are your overall health partners. We are experts in treating parts of the body and integrating that care with the rest of you. Whether you are training for a triathalon, want to improve your golf game, need rehabilitation for an injury or are suffering from a chronic illness, we can design and implement the optimal health program for you.

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Our Philosophy

Simply put, we treat you like we would want to be treated.

As experts in the field of physical therapy (PT) and fitness, we understand what we should expect when we receive treatment or training.

What we – and you – should expect:

  • Individualized assessment and care
  • One-on-one treatment and training
  • Care and training that addresses the whole person
  • Education to develop an understanding of our problem and the treatment/training
  • Constant interaction and adjustment of program
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and skilled clinicians
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate our busy lives
  • Results and/or referrals to others who can help

Our Payment Model

Payment for clinical services such as physical therapy (PT) has been steadily decreasing over the last 20 years. Our cost to deliver physical therapy, on the other hand, has significantly increased. Your monthly insurance payment often provides reimbursement for physical therapy that is below our cost to deliver what we believe is expert and appropriate care.

What others do:

Most physical therapy (PT) practices often spend additional money trying to get your insurance company to pay them for the service after it is delivered and approved ahead of time. As a result, clinical practice is then altered to provide the service that is reimbursed at a profit. Physical therapists are no longer able to provide the highest-skilled care, because everyone is trying to make money off the transaction – and all the while, your care suffers.

What we do:

As experts in the clinical practice of physical therapy (PT), we have found that both the clinician and the patient benefit if we are both accountable to the care you receive. This is best assured through a cash-based system and not a third-party system. We are committed to delivering the care we would want to receive ourselves: therapy worth the time and money you spend. You may now get the information you need to submit your own claims from the staff at Impact, if you choose.