Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries can range from a simple slip-and-fall to sports-related injuries to motor vehicle accidents and other forms of trauma.

Rehabilitation of these injuries requires an understanding of normal anatomy, physiology and musculoskeletal issues; tissue injury and healing response; and therapeutic treatments that aid in recovery of normal biomechanics and allow restoration of normal activity and movement.

We have that expertise at Impact Health.

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By the time I found Impact Health Physical Therapy in July 2011, my right knee hurt so much I was told a knee replacement operation was necessary. In 1961 my right femur had been broken in an auto accident which resulted with my leg and foot turned inward and no doctor ever mentioned it could cause future problems. This, I had accepted as a done deal, my lot in life was to walk in this crippled manor.‚Äč After fifty years of walking this way and pulling myself out of alignment not only did I end up with knee problems and pain but my lower back and all along my spine up into the neck also became an issue. It was like having a tug of war inside of me.

As physical therapy progressed with Philip and Joe, we discovered that was indeed the case. When my right femur had knit together through months in a body cast, it had repaired itself turning inward…not straight like a femur should align itself. Also, another revelation through the past months of therapy disclosed the real source causing my pain was misalignment in the right hip joint. It had been practically frozen turned in an inward position. Aided with this manual physical therapy, I am gaining rotation in the hip joint which in turn is eradicating the knee pain allowing me to do things I haven’t been able to do in 50 years.

I shall be eternally grateful to have found Impact Health. Now there is every reason to look forward to the golden years!

Linda Fairweather