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 Joe Millen, PT MTC

Joe Millen, PT MTC

The majority of people I see are highly committed, hardworking, active people who have nagging injuries that interfere with the athletic lifestyle they strive for. I’m usually called in when all the other treatments have failed.

I have been practicing orthopedic and sports physical therapy since 1985. I’ve spent most of my adult life developing a model of health and fitness I’d want for myself. A practice that addresses the whole person. Every aspect of your life. I’ve had clients for 25 years because we understand that life happens. How we respond to it – how we prepare ourselves for the future is key. Each session is customized to you. Every session helps restore countless dreams to those clients willing to learn and work at it. That’s what I want for myself, for my family. It’s what I offer to you.

My wife, Claudia and I have been married 35 years and have six adult children. We have run our own businesses most of that time.

We understand the demands and sacrifices we all make for family, work, and sport. We have made a commitment to ourselves, our family, our staff and our clients to live out our mission.

Leon Johnson

Leon Johnson’s tennis coach introduced him to Joe Millen, PT, MTC, physical therapist and owner of Impact Health, a physical therapy and fitness training clinic. In preparation for his scheduled knee replacement surgery, Johnson scheduled an appointment with Millen to treat a tight IT band. “Joe worked on the IT band and the bad knee, […]

Craig Stevens

Before developing a fitness regimen for me, Joe asked me about my personal health issues, in my case shoulder tendinitis, arthritic knees and gout. Two years later I have no shoulder or knee issues and I can do 50 push ups and 100 sit ups. For someone seeking an active life I recommend Joe Millen.

Ursula Snow
Masters Level Swimmer

After shoulder surgery and continued pain, I was told to give up swimming and gardening. I was devastated. Swimming had been a big part of my physical and mental health. When I went to Joe, I figured he would tell me the same thing. But he didn’t. He began by asking me what my goals […]

Thomas M. Andrews, MD
John Hopkins Medicine/All Children’s Hospital

I have known Joe Millen and Impact Health for 20 years. Joe has helped me navigate a congenital spine issue, guided me to stay healthy while pursuing 4 Ironman races and more than 20 Olympic and Sprint-distance triathlons. More importantly, he keeps me working on exercising correctly and constantly working to improve endurance, strength and […]

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